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Johnston vs. Urbandale

July 31, 2020

                                     2020 STATE TOURNAMENT
                           #3 Urbandale vs #1 Johnston - Play-by-Play
                        Jul 31, 2020 at Des Moines, IA (Principal Park)

Score by Innings                  R  H  E
Urbandale........... 000 001 0 -  1  5  2
Johnston............ 200 010 X -  3  5  0

Urbandale starters: 13/c Christensen; 6/ss Frank; 24/rf Kuehl; 40/dh Watson; 18/lf Fuchs; 12/1b Harris;
  11/3b Troncin; 10/2b Heinen; 16/cf Dykstra; 20/p LangenbergTk;
Johnston starters: 19/ss Wilmes; 20/lf Steck; 3/cf Shupe; 8/2b Swansen; 25/3b Thilges; 16/1b Wolver; 21/rf
  Hutchison; 26/dh Neville; 12/c Dinh; 22/p Draeger;

Urbandale 1st - Christensen struck out swinging (0-2 KKS). Frank struck out swinging (2-2 KBFBS). Kuehl
  walked (3-1 BBKBB). Watson singled to right field (0-1 F); Kuehl advanced to second. Fuchs walked (3-1
  BBKBB); Watson advanced to second; Kuehl advanced to third. Harris grounded out to 2b (0-1 K). 0 runs, 1
  hit, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

Johnston 1st - Wilmes singled up the middle (1-0 B). Steck tripled to right field, RBI (1-0 B); Wilmes
  scored. Shupe struck out swinging (0-2 KKS). Swansen fouled out to 1b (0-0). Thilges walked (3-2 KKBBBB).
  Thilges stole second, advanced to third on a throwing error by c; Steck scored on an error by c,
  unearned. Wolver flied out to cf (3-2 BBFFB). 2 runs, 2 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.

Urbandale 2nd - Troncin singled to left field (0-0). Heinen struck out looking (2-2 BKFBK). Dykstra walked
  (3-2 BKBKFBFB); Troncin advanced to second. Christensen flied out to lf (1-0 B). Frank struck out looking
  (0-2 KSK). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Johnston 2nd - Hutchison struck out looking (2-2 BKKFBK). Neville hit by pitch (1-0). Hovey pinch ran for
  Neville. Dinh singled to first base, bunt (1-0 B); Hovey advanced to second. Rusch pinch ran for Dinh.
  Wilmes walked (3-1 BBFBB); Rusch advanced to second; Hovey advanced to third. Steck struck out looking
  (2-2 BFBFK). Shupe struck out swinging (1-2 BSSS). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

Urbandale 3rd - Neville to dh for Hovey. Dinh to c for Rusch. Kuehl struck out swinging, out at first c to
  1b (2-2 BBFKS). Watson struck out swinging (1-2 KBKFFFFS). Fuchs walked (3-2 FSBBBB). Harris walked (3-2
  KKBBBB); Fuchs advanced to second. Troncin struck out swinging (0-2 FKS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 2

Johnston 3rd - Swansen flied out to cf (0-1 K). Thilges struck out swinging (1-2 KBSS). Wolver struck out
  looking (1-2 KBFFK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Urbandale 4th - Heinen struck out looking (3-2 BBSBSFK). Dykstra doubled to left field (3-2 BKBSB).
  Christensen struck out looking (1-2 BKKK). Frank grounded out to ss (2-1 BBK). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1

Johnston 4th - Sams to 2b for Heinen. Hutchison struck out swinging (1-2 FKBS). Neville grounded out to 3b
  (1-2 KBS). Dinh grounded out to 2b (2-1 BKB). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Urbandale 5th - Wilmes to p. Risley to ss for Draeger. Kuehl flied out to rf (0-0). Watson struck out
  swinging (2-2 KBBFFS). Fuchs struck out looking (0-2 KSK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Johnston 5th - Wilmes hit by pitch (2-1 BF). Steck singled to right field (0-0); Wilmes advanced to second.
  Shupe reached on a fielder's choice to second base (0-2 FSF); Steck out at second 2b to ss; Wilmes
  advanced to third. Swansen doubled to right field, RBI (1-0 B); Shupe advanced to third, out at home rf
  to ss to c; Wilmes scored. Thilges walked (3-2 BSBFBB). Wolver walked (3-2 BBKKBFB); Thilges advanced to
  second; Swansen advanced to third. Dykstra to p. Kuehl to cf. LangenbergTk to rf. Hutchison struck out
  swinging (1-2 KFBFS). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

Urbandale 6th - Harris singled to shortstop (1-2 KFB). Sharon pinch ran for Harris. Sharon advanced to
  second on a wild pitch. Troncin struck out swinging (2-2 KKBBFS). Sams struck out swinging (2-2 BFBKS).
  Dykstra walked (3-1 BBKBB). Rohret pinch ran for Dykstra. Christensen singled to right field, RBI (0-1
  K); Rohret advanced to third; Sharon scored. Christensen stole second. Frank struck out swinging (2-2
  KBKBS). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Johnston 6th - DeKruyf to 1b for Sharon. Dykstra to p for Rohret. Risley to ss for Neville. /  for Risley.
  Risley struck out swinging (1-2 BKFFS). Canny pinch hit for Dinh. Canny struck out swinging (0-2 KFS).
  Wilmes reached on a fielding error by 3b, advanced to second (1-1 KB). Steck struck out looking (1-2
  KBKFFFK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.

Urbandale 7th - Dinh to c for Canny. Kuehl fouled out to 3b (3-1 BKBB). Watson grounded out to 2b (0-0).
  Fuchs out at first 1b to p (0-0). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.